Comment on Proposed & Draft Rules

Proposed Rules

Formal Comments via the Texas Register

To let the public know about a rulemaking action – such as new, amended or repealed rules – HHS publishes a notice in the Texas Register, a publication of the Texas Secretary of State. Interested parties then can review and comment on the proposed rule. The Secretary of State publishes a new issue of the Texas Register each Friday.

The Administrative Procedure Act (Texas Government Code, Chapter 2001) requires the notice published in the Texas Register to include a brief explanation of the proposed rule and a request for comments from any interested person. The notice also includes instructions for submitting comments regarding the rule to the agency, including the date by which comments must be submitted. Agencies must give interested persons "a reasonable opportunity" to submit comments. The public comment period begins on the day after the notice of a proposed rule is published in the Texas Register and lasts for a minimum of 30 calendar days.

Title Project No. / Description Contact Comment End Date
#21R155: Nursing Facility Liability Insurance Costs HHSC Provider Finance 2/22/22
#22R041: Local Funds Monitoring and Reporting PFD Local Funds Monitoring 2/14/22
#22R047: Rural Health Clinics Reimbursement HHSC Provider Finance 2/4/22

Draft Rules

Informal Comments

Informal opportunities to comment occur before a rule is published in the Texas Register. HHS staff may solicit informal public and stakeholder input by:

  • inviting stakeholders to submit comments on potential rule changes during rule development.
  • sharing a draft rule with stakeholders for review.
  • using existing HHS advisory committees to comment on rules.
Title Project No. / Description Contact Comment End Date
Title 26, Chapter 520, Requirements for Design, Construction, and Fire Safety in Health Care Facilities #20R109 Health Care Regulation Policy, Rules, and Training 3/4/22
Title 25, Chapter 157, Subchapter B, Section 157.11, Requirements for an EMS Provider License #22R022 Joseph Schmider 2/7/22
Title 25, Chapter 133, Subchapter C, Section 133.49, Reporting Requirements #22R033 Health Care Regulation Policy, Rules, and Training 2/2/22
Title 26, Chapters 550, 551, 553, 554, 558, 559, 565, and 566, concerning LTCR Emergency Communication System #21R148 HHS Long-Term Care Regulatory 1/31/22
Title 26, Chapters 553 and 554, concerning Licensing Standards for Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Facilities #22R001 Josie Esparza 1/26/22