Service Coordination/Case Management Resources

The purpose of this resource page is to provide Texas Early Childhood Intervention service coordinators with information and tools on service coordination, case management and targeted case management.

The role of the service coordinator is to serve as a family’s single point of contact to provide service coordination, case management and targeted case management to ECI families.

Service coordination — case management activities carried out before ECI eligibility is determined.

Case management — activities carried out in collaboration with other case managers, service coordinators, service providers or entities to help an eligible child and his/her family gain access to needed medical, social, educational and developmental services, including access to procedural safeguards, without regard to funding source.

Targeted Case Management — case management activities that directly benefit an ECI eligible child who is enrolled in Medicaid and meets the definition of a Medicaid-billable event.

The resources below serve as training and support considering best practices in personnel development, skill mastery and assistance with documentation when providing case management to families. Many of the resources included here provide Continuing Education Units for service coordinators and early intervention specialists.

Family Centered Case Management Module

The intent of the self-guided Family Centered Case Management Module is to familiarize you with basic information, skills and resources for your future use as a service coordinator. The training is intended to help you learn the basics to effectively provide quality case management.

Making It Work Module

The Making It Work Module is a required orientation for all new ECI employees, early intervention specialists and service coordinators in ECI. Within the module, Section 5 specifically focuses on case management. You can refer back to this section as a refresher if you have questions about case management. Once you access the module, you can go directly to Section 5: Case Management by selecting it from the menu on the left side of the screen.

Coaching Training for Service Coordinators

"Service Coordination and Coaching" training is designed to teach you coaching practices to get families involved in the early intervention process. You will learn nine coaching practices which are included in the Coaching during Service Coordination Fidelity Checklist. You will practice using the checklist while watching video clips of service coordinators engaging parents. Family scenarios will be used to demonstrate these practices.

Other Webinars

These are additional webinars you might find useful. When you select a webinar, you will be asked to register to access the recording. Once you complete the webinar, send an email to with your name, email address and the title of the webinar you viewed. You will receive a survey to complete and a certificate for your records.

Service Coordinator’s Toolbox

The items below are handouts and worksheets that can serve as quick reference guides. As more resources are developed, they will be added here.