Ordering EVV Alternative Devices from HHAeXchange

Program providers and financial management services agencies (FMSAs) who will use the new State EVV vendor, HHAeXchange, are allocated free alternative devices up to 7.5% of the program providers or FMSAs member census (rounded to the nearest whole number). The census numbers will be reviewed quarterly to determine if additional free devices should be distributed.

In addition to allocating free alternative devices, HHSC is allowing the purchase of additional alternative devices for qualified members who meet all conditions listed in the Aug. 29 notice.

How to Request a Free Alternative Device

Program providers and FMSAs are required to submit the Provider Onboarding Form prior to submitting the Alternative Device Ordering Form.

  1. HHAeXchange Provider Onboarding Form
  2. Alternative Device Ordering Form

HHSC has supplied HHAeXchange the census numbers that will be used for distribution. If a program provider or FMSA has a shortage, and a request for an alternative device is pending, then HHAeXchange will fulfill the additional alternative device requests to maintain the 7.5% threshold.

Once forms are submitted, HHAeXchange will process the request within 5 business days.

  • Orders placed before Sept. 1 will be delivered mid-September.
  • Orders placed Sept. 1 through Sept. 30 will be delivered no later than Oct. 15.

How to Purchase Additional Alternative Devices

Program providers and FMSAs may purchase additional alternative devices for qualifying members. The cost of each alternative device is $12 (includes shipping) plus applicable sales tax.

Program providers and FMSAs must complete and submit the HHAeXchange Paid Alternative Device Order Form.

If there is available inventory, HHAeXchange will ship the ordered alternative device(s) within five business days. If there is not enough inventory, HHAeXchange will notify the program provider or FMSA that a back order has been placed and to expect their alternative device(s) as soon as they become available.

Email questions to HHAeXchange.