X-2070, Processing Time Frames

Revision 16-3; Effective July 1, 2016

Advisors must process periodic reviews before cutoff in the month:

  • the review date falls, if the review is due on or before cutoff; or
  • after the review date, if the review is due after cutoff.

If the household must provide verification to complete the review, allow the household at least 10 days to provide it.

Advisors must reopen a renewal form denied for failing to furnish information or verification if the missing information is provided by the 60th day from the file date. The date the missing information/verification was provided is the new file date.

The original Form H2340, Medicaid for Breast and Cervical Cancer Renewal, can be used until it is 60 days old, following the policy explained in B-111, Reuse of an Application Form After Denial.

Advisors must consider a Form H2340 received after the last day of the certification period as an application using application processing time frames in X-2010, Applications, if it is received 12 months or less after the woman's breast or cervical cancer diagnosis date or the date active treatment was last verified, whichever is later.