D—441 Citizenship

Revision 11-4; Effective October 1, 2011


CHIP applicants or recipients who declare that they are U.S. citizens must provide verification of citizenship.

Use Medicaid Programs proof/verification sources found in A-358.1, Citizenship, for citizenship and A-621, Verification Sources, for identity.

CHIP Perinatal

Citizenship is self-declared.

D—441.1 Reasonable Opportunity to Provide Citizenship and Alien Status Verification

Revision 15-4; Effective October 1, 2015


CHIP applicants or recipients who declare themselves to be a U.S. citizen or declare an alien status, but for whom verification is unavailable, must be allowed a period of reasonable opportunity explained in A-351.1, Reasonable Opportunity.

D—441.2 Using State Online Query (SOLQ) or Wire Third-Party Query (WTPY) to Verify Citizenship

Revision 15-4; Effective October 1, 2015


If an applicant has a Social Security number, use SOLQ or WTPY to verify citizenship. See A-351.2, Using State Online Query (SOLQ) or Wire Third-Party Query (WTPY) to Verify Citizenship.

D—442 Using Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program to Verify Alien Status

Revision 15-4; Effective October 1, 2015


Access the Verification Information System (VIS) through the USCIS using the Department of Homeland Security's SAVE program for verification validity.

Do not reverify an alien’s documents if the non-citizen status was previously verified and documented, and the documents have not expired. If the USCIS document is expired, and the alien wants to continue receiving or reapplies for benefits, then request updated documents. If the family fails to provide the updated documents, the child cannot receive benefits.

CHIP Perinatal

Immigration status is self-declared. The pregnant woman may be:

  • a U.S. citizen,
  • a lawful permanent resident, or
  • an undocumented alien.

Do not trigger missing information for immigration status or date of entry.

CHIP, CHIP Perinatal

If the applicant provides documents other than those listed in A-358.2, Alien Status, take the following action to request additional verification:

  • complete Form G-845, Document Verification Request;
  • attach fully readable photocopies (front and back) of original immigration documents containing the alien's registration number; and
  • mail one set of copies to the USCIS office serving the county of application (see the instructions to Form G-845).

If the applicant's name changed since the alien registration card was issued, the applicant must provide verification of the change.

If the alien is otherwise eligible, do not delay or deny the child's eligibility while waiting for a response from USCIS. When USCIS returns Form G-845, follow these procedures:

If the response indicates that the alien's document is...then ...
valid,document the detailed information and send the documents for imaging.
not valid and the child is enrolled,
  • take adverse action to disqualify the child or deny the case, as appropriate; and
  • process a fraud referral.