Appendix III, Medicaid Type Program Codes for STAR+PLUS Home and Community Based Services and Community First Choice


TP CodeMAO Waiver Chart DescriptionCheck ME-Waiver Box?CFC Eligible?
03ME – PickleYY
07MA – Earnings TransitionalYY
08Foster Care – Federal Match – With CashNY
08MA – TANF-Level FamiliesYY
09Medicaid for the Transitioning Foster Care YouthNY
09MA – Non-AFDC Foster Care – JPCNY
09Foster Care – Federal Match – No CashNY
10MA – State Foster Care – ANY
10MA – State Foster Care – 32NY
10MA – State Foster Care – DNY
10MA – State Foster Care – JPCNY
10MA – State Foster CareNY
12ME – Manual SSI WaiversNY
12ME – Manual SSI State Group HomeNN
12ME – Manual SSI Non-State Group HomeNN
12ME – Manual SSI Nursing FacilityNN
12ME – Manual SSI State HospitalNN
12ME – Manual SSI State Supported Living CenterNN
12ME – Manual SSINY
12ME – Temp Manual SSINY
13ME – Interim SSI Denied ChildNY
13ME – SSI WaiversNY
13ME – SSI State Group HomeNN
13ME – SSI Non-State Group HomeNN
13ME – SSI Nursing FacilityNN
13ME – SSI State HospitalNN
13ME - Skilled Nursing CareNN
13ME - SSI State Supported Living CenterNN
14ME – WaiversYY/N(1)
14ME - State Group HomeYN
14ME – State Supported Living CenterYN
14ME – Non-State Group HomeYN
14ME – State HospitalYN
14ME – Nursing FacilityYN
14ME – Temp InstitutionalYN
14ME – Historical Institutional-waiverYN
14ME – Temp WaiversYN
14MA – MBCC - Medicaid for Breast and Cervical CancerYY
18ME – Disabled Adult ChildYY
19ME – SSI Denied ChildrenNY
20MA – Child Support TransitionalNY
21Adoption Assistance – Federal Match – No CashNY
21Adoption Assistance – Federal Match – With CashNY
22ME – Disabled Widow(er)YY
22ME – Early Aged Widow(er)YY
22ME – Temp Widow(er)(s)YY
29MA – State Time Limit TransitionalNY
37MA – EID TransitionalNY
40MA – Pregnant WomenYY
43MA – Children Under 1NY
44MA – Children 6-18NY
45MA – Newborn ChildrenNY
47MA – Children denied TANF w/Applied IncomeNY
48MA – Children 1-5NY
55MA – RefugeeNY
55MA – MN w/Spend DownNY
87ME – Medicaid Buy InYY

1. Individuals with this Medicaid eligibility through a 1915(c) waiver are eligible for Community First Choice (CFC). Individuals with this Medicaid eligibility through STAR+PLUS Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) program are not eligible for CFC due to federal rules.

Appears In

  • STAR+PLUS Handbook
  • STAR+PLUS Program Support Unit Operational Procedures Handbook