Take Me There Virtual Reality Tours

Moving to a community home can be a challenging process for a person who has lived in an institutional setting for a long time. Not only are they saying goodbye to the people who are a part of their daily lives, but in many cases, they are taking their first steps towards independence. The transition process can be extensive, stressful and overwhelming. Having a reminder of the home they chose for themselves is reassuring and can build confidence.

Take Me There Virtual Reality (VR) Tours are designed to help individuals transitioning from an institutional setting into a community home. Using VR technology, the person can tour their future home as many times as they'd like throughout the transitioning process. They can also meet their house managers and future roommates virtually. This can lower the stress of meeting everyone on the day the move home.

SSLC staff serve an integral role on this project, as they are the directors and creators of the VR tours. Technology has advanced enough that it only takes a few simple steps to create VR videos.

The Take Me There VR Tours Training Guide (PDF) takes you through the VR process, step by step. This includes capturing, processing and copying VR footage on to a portable VR Headset. Users just put on their headset to “Take Me There” and enjoy their tour.

Take Me There Video Training Modules

Introduction to the Take Me There Virtual Reality Tours

Chapter 01 - Intro to the PICO Headset

Chapter 02 - Intro to the Vuze XR Virtual Reality Camera

Chapter 03 - Rendering Your Footage

Chapter 04 - Moving your footage into PICO VR Headset