Form H2588, Workforce Orientation Referral

Instructions for Opening a Form

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Effective Date: 8/2017


Updated: 4/2018


To refer a TANF applicant to the workforce orientation, regular or alternative, and assist the applicant in obtaining verification of having attended a workforce orientation.


When to Prepare

At application, provide each household member who is required to attend the workforce orientation with Form H2588.

Check Part B if the applicant requires an alternative workforce orientation.

At reapplication, provide each household member with an open choices penalty with Form H2588.

Number of Copies

Complete an original and three copies.


Give the applicant the original and a copy. Send the second copy to Choices staff on the same day, and file the third copy in the case record under Employment Services.

The client takes the original and copy to Choices staff. Choices staff keep the copy.

When the form is returned from Choices staff or by the applicant, file it in the case record under Employment Services.

Form Retention

Texas Works staff files Form H2588 under Employment Services and retains the form in the case record for three years after the case is closed.

Detailed Instructions

Client Name — Enter the name of the required member being referred to the workforce orientation.

Case Name — Enter the case name.

Case No. — When reopening a TANF case, enter the old case number.

NOA/Application No. — When reopening a TANF case, enter the NOA number in addition to the case number.

Application File Date — Enter the file date.

Client's Date of Birth — Enter the date of birth of the required member being referred.

Social Security No. — Enter the social security number of the required member being referred.

Two-Parent Household — Enter whether or not the household is a two-parent household.

Potential Choices Status — Enter whether the required member will potentially be a mandatory Choices participant or exempt from participating.

To Choices Staff — Mark the appropriate box identifying the reason for the referral.

Signature – Texas Works Advisor — Self-explanatory.

Texas Works Advisor Telephone No. — Self-explanatory.

Fax No. — Enter the HHSC fax number. Choices staff may fax back the form to the Texas Works advisor indicating the applicant complied with the requirement.

Texas Works Advisor Name — Self-explanatory.

Date — Enter the date the Texas Works advisor provided the applicant with Form H2588.

Date Client Attended Workforce Orientation — Choices staff enter the date the applicant attended the workforce orientation.

Choices Stamp — Choices staff must stamp the form.

Signature – Choices Staff — Self-explanatory.

Date — Enter the date Choices staff sign Form H2588.