Form H1860, TANF Social Security Outreach Letter

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Effective Date
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Updated: 8/2007


  • To remind the TANF recipient of the requirement to apply for Social Security Administration benefits.
  • To provide TANF recipients a toll free telephone number for Social Security Outreach Application Project (SSOAP) staff to provide assistance or to answer questions.


When to Prepare

Form H1860 is sent by SSOAP staff 15 days after the first cut-off following certification to TANF recipients who claim to be disabled or caring for a disabled child, who is not receiving a disability payment from SSA, accompanied with Form H1859.

Number of Copies

Give or mail one copy of Form H1860 to TANF recipients who claim to be disabled or are caring for a disabled child.

Form Retention

There is no retention requirement for this form.

Detailed Instructions

All items on the form are self-explanatory.