Form H1832, Affidavit for Meal Providers to the Homeless

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Effective Date
H1832.pdf (38.85 KB)
H1832.doc (118 KB)


Updated: 5/2001


  • To obtain documentation that a meal provider meets the required criteria for being approved as a meal provider to the homeless.
  • To serve as proof to USDA that a meal provider has been approved by HHSC as a meal provider to the homeless.


When to Prepare

Complete Form H1832 when a Meal Provider contacts HHSC for approval as a meal provider to the homeless. (Make necessary copies from the handbook sample; this form is not stocked.)

Number of Copies

Prepare an original and one copy.


File the copy and give the original to the meal provider.

Form Retention

Keep copies of Form H1832 indefinitely.

Detailed Instructions

The meal provider must complete and sign Form H1832 at the interview.

Staff must complete, sign, and date the bottom portion of Form H1832.