WIC Program Publishing, Promotion & Media Services

Publishing, Promotion, and Media Services designs and produces publications and videos that promote nutrition and breastfeeding education.

Videos and publications produced by PPMS are available from the catalog. Browse the WIC catalog to print or order from a variety of WIC publications, such as brochures, posters and training materials, including DVDs and music CDs.

Download the Texas WIC logo

You can download various formats of the Texas WIC logo here.

WIC contractors are authorized to use this logo. If you are not a WIC contractor, you cannot use this logo without written approval and authorization from the Texas WIC Program.

Texas WIC grocery vendors are not permitted to use the WIC logo. WIC vendors can refer to policy WV:01.0 WIC Vendor Agreement/Policy Violations for more information.

Texas WIC owns the Texas WIC logo, which cannot be changed in any way.


Production Quality

It is important to use the appropriate file type for your specific application. The following guidelines will help you determine which file to use.

Print vs. Screen Use

To ensure best quality, you must use the logo file designed for your end use.

  • Materials printed on high quality commercial printing presses require a high-resolution four-color (CMYK) process file. The file format is .tif.
  • Materials printed on laser or inkjet printers require less resolution, so a smaller, low-resolution file is recommended. These file formats include .jpg, .png and .gif.
  • Materials produced primarily for electronic distribution or for viewing on a computer screen, such as PowerPoint presentations and web pages, require a smaller, lower-resolution RGB file. These file formats include .jpg, .png and .gif.

*Right-click on the file link and pick "save as" to download to your computer.*

WIC Logos

Color CMYK Files for Printing

Color RGB Files for Online Use

Grayscale Files for One-Color Reproduction

The Texas Ten Step Program Graphics

To download the Texas Ten Step Program graphics for use on Texas Ten Step materials, visit the Texas Ten Step Graphics page. Refer to the guidelines to determine what file to download.

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