CHART Model Pre-Implementation Resources

HHSC prepared the content on this page during the Pre-Implementation Period (Oct. 1, 2021 – Dec. 31, 2022) of the CHART Model to support hospitals in their decision to participate in the Model and for Performance Period 1.

Roadmap to CHART Model Participation

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Submission of the Interest Form is now closed for rural hospitals to identify their interest in possible participation in the CHART Model.

If your hospital submitted a Letter of Intent and/or Interest Form, you should:

Detailed Information for Participating in the CHART Model

Because the CHART Model is multifaceted with many benefits and requirements for entities that choose to participate, we have consolidated the information below to assist potential participants in their decision. The timelines provide an overview of the pre-implementation period as well as deadlines and key dates that occur during it. For easy reference, it is provided as a table and a graphic timeline.

Participant Hospitals and Aligned Payers each have benefits and requirements unique to them. CMS and HHSC have created the following resources to facilitate discussions and decision-making.

Payment Information

Implementation, Quality Reporting and Operational Flexibilities

Hospital Decision-making Resources

Hospital Exercises to Prepare for Participation

Medicaid Alignment and Managed Care Organization (MCO) Resources

CHART Model Transformation Plan

The CHART Model Transformation Plan will serve as an overview of the healthcare delivery redesign strategy for the CHART Model in Texas. HHSC worked with the CHART Model Advisory Council to develop the draft Transformation Plan. HHSC submitted its draft Transformation Plan to CMS on May 18, 2022 and provided the CHART Model Advisory Council members and interested Medicaid Managed Care Organizations with a copy for review and signature. HHSC submitted its final Transformation Plan to CMS on July 15, 2022 with CMS approval. The Transformation Plan (including the CHART Model Transformation Plan and CHART Model Transformation Plan Workbook), and a CMS-created fact sheet, are included for reference below. HHSC will work with stakeholders to update the Transformation Plan at least annually.