Statewide Transition Plan

The federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires states to submit a transition plan describing the state’s planned initiatives and activities for achieving compliance with the federal HCBS Settings Rule. HHSC has received initial approval of its transition plan and has submitted an updated version of the plan to CMS for final approval.

Overview of STP Requirements

CMS requires states to submit a transition plan describing their planned initiatives and activities to achieve compliance with the federal Home and Community Based Services Rule. The transition plan must include:

  • An assessment of settings where Medicaid HCBS are provided
  • Remediation strategies for settings that do not meet the requirements of the regulations
  • A description of the state’s site-specific assessments and heightened scrutiny review processes
  • A summary of public and stakeholder input on the assessment processes and remediation strategies
  • A summary of public comments received on the transition plan and any revisions made to the plan in response to public comment

Texas submitted an initial STP to CMS in 2014 and has updated the plan based on responses from CMS. HHSC received initial approval of its STP in December 2022. HHSC submitted the most recent version of the STP to CMS for final approval in July 2023. CMS granted final approval of the STP on July 20, 2023. The approved version of the STP and information on how to obtain past STPs is below.