Information for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Texas Health and Safety Code (HSC) Chapter 323 establishes requirements for emergency services for survivors of sexual assault and requires hospitals licensed under HSC Chapter 241 or freestanding emergency medical care facilities licensed under HSC Chapter 254 to provide standardized information forms to sexual assault survivors.

HSC §323.005 requires a standardized information form that these health care facilities must provide to survivors of sexual assault.

Facilities may not make any changes to the information sheets. Facilities may print and make copies for distribution.

Under HSC §323.0015, if a licensed hospital or freestanding emergency medical care facility licensed under HSC Chapter 254 notifies the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) that it employs or contracts with a sexual assault forensic examiner or uses a telemedicine system of sexual assault forensic examiners to provide consultation to a licensed nurse or physician when conducting a sexual assault forensic medical examination, then HHSC shall designate that facility as a sexual assault forensic exam ready (SAFE-ready) facility.

HSC §323.0051 requires a health care facility that is not a SAFE-ready facility to provide survivors of sexual assault with this form:

Find a SAFE-Ready Facility

Download a list of licensed Hospitals and Freestanding Emergency Medical Care Facilities (Excel) that have self-reported as being SAFE-ready on their HHSC facility license application.

Note: The list of SAFE-ready facilities is based upon facility self-reports to HHSC. The facility's status may have changed since the time of the publication. Email Health Facility Licensing to update your designation or contact information.