Burial or Cremation Assistance Registry

The Burial or Cremation Assistance Registry is a list of providers that, in accordance with Texas Health and Safety Code §697.005, offer free common or low-cost burial or cremation services or financial assistance only in connection with the disposition of the embryonic and fetal tissue remains of an unborn child. Individuals seeking other burial or cremation assistance should contact their city or county government.

The Registry is required by Senate Bill 8, 85th Legislature, 2017, Regular Session, which added Chapter 697 to the Texas Health and Safety Code. The registry consists of participating funeral homes and cemeteries willing to provide free common burial or low-cost private burial and private nonprofit organizations registered to provide financial assistance for the costs associated with burial or cremation of embryonic and fetal tissue remains. Registry information is available on request to a physician, health care facility, or authorized agent of a physician or health care facility.

Funeral homes, cemeteries, and private nonprofit organizations that want to apply for inclusion on the Burial or Cremation Assistance Registry must submit a completed application form to Chapter697Registry@hhsc.state.tx.us. The application form is available at Burial or Cremation Assistance Registry Application Form. An applicant will not be approved if the applicant does not meet the statutory criteria for inclusion; fails or refuses to submit any required information; or falsifies information. The information provided will be placed in a registry that will be made available to physicians and health care facilities, or their agents. An entity may be removed from the registry at the sole discretion of the Health and Human Services Commission upon evidence that it has failed to provide the services for which it was placed on the registry.

Physicians or health care facilities, or their authorized agents, that want to obtain registry information must submit a completed information request form to Chapter697Registry@hhsc.state.tx.us. The information request form is available at Burial or Cremation Assistance Registry Information Request Form. HHSC cannot answer any questions regarding registrants of their capacity to provide assistance and is not responsible for any promises or offers made by registrants.