STAP Vendor Information

The Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP) provides people with disability vouchers for purchase of basic specialized equipment for telephone network access. Voucher recipients exchange the voucher for authorized equipment from a vendor registered with the program. Registered vendors claim the voucher exchanged and seek reimbursement. Vendors are reimbursed the lessor of the voucher value, equipment value or vendor’s selling price.

Equipment and Voucher Values

The Equipment values, authorized equipment, and voucher values are reviewed annually through a Request for Information (RFI) process. Registered vendors are sent the RFI to provide information about the equipment they sell. Responses are evaluated to establish a reasonable price for basic specialized telecommunications device that permits telephone network access for persons with a disability. Proposed values are sent to the STAP registered vendors for comments.

It is the intent to publish new values by September 1 of every year. Vouchers printed after the effective date will be issued at the proposed values. Vouchers exchanged after this effective date will be subject to the new authorized equipment and pricing even if the voucher was printed prior to the effective date.

It is encouraged that vendors claim a voucher at the time of exchange or when mailing equipment to ensure the voucher is valid and that equipment purchased is authorized. The reimbursement amount is based on the date a voucher is exchanged or is mailed. Claiming the voucher at this time will provide information on reimbursement amount. Vouchers will only be reimbursed to the entity that claimed the voucher.

Current voucher and values, and equipment values (PDF).

Vendor Application Process

To participate in the STAP program, vendors must complete an online registration. Once the application is reviewed and, if approved, the vendor will be eligible for reimbursement. Vendors are not eligible for reimbursement for a voucher claimed while the vendor was not in an approved status.

Missing or incomplete information when registering will delay the processing of the registration and becoming an approved STAP vendor.

Required items on the application include:

  • Business ID or Federal ID
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • List of people approved by vendor to sign for vouchers

No exceptions can be made to these required items. The email address and telephone number must be valid and in working order, and responses to inquiries must be made within a reasonable timeframe.

Vendors are required to update their registration information by September. 1 of each year regardless of when their initial registration was approved. Registration information must be updated using the online system to ensure uninterrupted voucher reimbursements.

Registered Vendors

Registration processes, requirements and rules may be amended or supplemented at any time. It is the vendor's responsibility to remain in compliance. STAP rules can be found at Subchapter C, Chapter 360, Title 26 of the Texas Administrative Code.

Submit Form 3947 to request new equipment to add onto the approved list.

Vouchers must be claimed online by the vendor’s approved signature authority using the STAP voucher claiming system. Only vendors that claim a voucher online can be reimbursed for vouchers exchanged. Signature authorities must be current with the STAP vendor registration portal to be eligible for reimbursement.  

All vendor exchanged vouchers must be e-mailed or mailed to:

Solix Inc. — STAP Processing
10 Lanidex Plaza West
Parsippany, NJ 07054