Reminder about EVV Home Phone Landline Requirements

EVV Program providers and financial management services agencies (FMSAs) must enter and maintain correct information in the EVV system for their service providers or Consumer Directed Services (CDS) employees.

Program providers and FMSAs must not enter an unallowable landline phone type into the EVV system as the member’s home phone landline. An unallowable landline phone type is a cellular phone or cellular enabled device, such as a tablet or a smart watch. A phone used to clock in or clock out through the landline method must be a landline phone, and not a cellular phone or device.

If the service provider or CDS employee wants to use a cell phone or tablet, they must use the mobile method (not the home phone landline method).

Note: Program providers, FMSAs and CDS employers must use the EVV Landline Phone Verification Report in the EVV system to identify an unallowable landline phone type as “mobile.” If the program provider, FMSA, CDS employer or payer identify an unallowable phone type action must be taken to remove the unallowable phone type.

For more information, refer to EVV Policy 7030 found in the EVV Policy Handbook on the EVV webpage.

Contact EVV Operations for questions.