QIPP Year 6: Final Notice to Nursing Facilities Not Meeting Conditions of Participation

HHSC has updated two lists of Nursing Facilities (NFs) that have not yet met the conditions of participation (CoPs) for the Quality Incentive Payment Program (QIPP) SFY 2023 program year. These lists are also available for download from the LTSS Provider Finance QIPP Webpage under the “QIPP Year 6 (SFY23)” dropdown:

  • QIPP SFY 2023 Component 1 Condition of Participation Remediation List
  • QIPP SFY 2023 Component 2 Condition of Participation Remediation List

FY 2023 CoPs requirements include submission of one or more Performance Improve Project (PIP) reporting templates twice a year. Submissions for the reporting period were due to HHSC on Sep. 7, 2023, and required NFs to complete Tabs 1 through 6 of the MS Excel template, which covered data and information constituting the PIP monitoring and success story.
HHSC has notified the current registered NF ownership representatives (on record in the QIPP Data Submission Portal) if they have not met the required CoPs via email. All NFs on the list must submit the required documentation by replying to that email as soon as possible, and no later than Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2023.


HHSC conducted a review of PIP submissions received for the final SFY 2023 reporting period. A total of 697 (from the 701 eligible NFs) have met Component 1 requirements, and a total of 935 (from the 952 eligible NFs) have met Component 2 requirements. 

Many NFs were marked as non-compliant due to a failure to submit templates for the required components. For those NFs that submitted a template that was determined to be non-compliant, the specific reason for the non-compliance is included on the notification lists linked above.

To verify that your NF has met the CoPs requirements, review the lists linked above. If your facility is on one or both of the lists linked above, to meet all of the CoPs, you must submit, as applicable, one Component 1 PIP Reporting Template (MS Excel) and/or one Component 2 PIP Reporting Template (MS Excel) with Tabs 1 through 6 completed and all supporting documentation required for the final SFY 2023 submission period. 


In accordance with 1 Texas Admin. Code § 353.1302(e)(6), failure to meet any conditions of participation will result in removal of the provider from the program and recoupment of all funds previously paid during the SFY 2023 program year. For questions, please contact QIPP@hhs.texas.gov.