Work Experience and Training Requirements for Existing Temporary Nurse Aides

Temporary nurse aides hired during the COVID-19 public health emergency were allowed under state regulations to use work experience and training obtained at a nursing facility to satisfy the 100-hour training requirement needed in order to take the exam for full certification.

Per 26 TAC §556.100, these temporary nurse aides were required to test and become fully certified by Oct. 15, 2023 (four months following the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency).

Beginning July 5, 2023, the online portal used by nurse aide applicants to request testing for certification has experienced some technical issues. Due to the delays caused by these unforeseen issues, HHSC will not enforce the Oct. 15, 2023, deadline but instead require certification before May 1, 2024. Until this date, a facility may continue to use temporary nurse aides who were hired and who completed their 100-hour training requirement before Oct. 15, 2023.

Note: Federal regulations require that temporary nurse aides become certified within four months of their hire date. So, there may be some individuals who can apply the 100-hour work experience and training obtained while working as a temporary nurse aide towards the certification requirements but who still may be prohibited from working in a facility until they become certified.

Nursing facilities must ensure that their temporary nurse aides register for testing and maintain documentation of registration and test dates on file. Any existing temporary nurse aides not certified before May 1, 2024, must complete a traditional Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP) to be approved to take an exam and become certified.