Administrator Licensing Automated Fees Restored

The online fee payment system for administrator licensing has been restored. Fees are required to be paid online unless an invoice is not created. This system will allow you to make and track your payments online using your email address. Please ensure your email address is current to avoid any delays in processing timeframes.

Licensed administrators and applicants will receive an automated email with each invoice that is generated and may pay the invoice using the following methods:

  • Mail a check or money order with the bottom portion of the invoice to HHSC Accounts Receivable.
  • Pay online with an electronic check by clicking the link included on the PDF in the email.
  • Pay online with a credit card by clicking the link included on the PDF in the email.

Licensed administrators and applicants may not use the online Provider Portal to pay the fees online. Instead, they must click the appropriate link that is provided on the invoice. Clicking these links will take the Licensed Administrator or applicant directly to the payment page where they can pay the invoice.

Please note, administrators and applicants electing to pay via mail are required to provide an invoice for each fee being paid. Failure to include an invoice for each fee submitted may result in processing delays.

It’s also important to note that administrator licensing applications and license renewals will not be completed until all fees have been paid, including any applicable background check and late fees.

If you have any questions about the new fee features, please contact the Administrator Licensing office at for assistance.