Changes to Online Provider Website for Residential Child Care Operations

On Aug. 5, Child Care Regulation (CCR) will update the Online Provider website. You will see the following new additions to this website:

  • New Agency Home Closure Recommendation indicator on the Closed Foster Home Database
    Effective Aug. 5, you will be able to see agency homes that have been recommended for closure by Residential Child Care Regulation (RCCR).
  • Limiting “CCR Recommended Closure” relinquishment reason to homes that have an approved closure recommendation on file
    You will now only be able to select “CCR Recommended Closure” on agency homes that have a closure recommendation on file. The functionality to add this information into the CCR CLASS operating system will be live on Aug. 5.
  • Warning message if there’s a closure recommendation on file and the “CCR Recommended Closure” relinquishment reason was not selected
    If you attempt to close a home, that has an agency closure recommendation on file, with a selection other than “CCR Recommended Closure,” a warning message will appear notifying you this home has a closure recommendation on file. We encourage you to change the closure reason to “CCR Recommended Closure” on any homes with this warning message.

If you have any questions about the new Online Provider Website features, please contact your Child Care Regulation Inspector or email a question.