HHSC Adopts New Child Care Rules for Employee Reference Checks in General Residential Operations

HHSC adopted rules in Chapter 748, Minimum Standards for General Residential Operations. The rules are effective Aug. 9.

Visit the Child Care Regulation Minimum Standards webpage to review:

  • Revision Memo that summarizes the rule changes; and
  • Highlighted copies of the adopted rules that show the changes from previous rules.

Visit the Child Care Regulation 24-hour Residential Child Care Provider webpage to review the webinar, Pre-Employment Verification and Reference Checks, that provides an overview of the new rules.

CCR is updating the Chapter 748 minimum standards publication and will publish the updates by Aug. 9.

Visit the Texas Register to review a summary of comments HHSC received during the formal public comment period and HHSC’s response to the public comments, including whether HHSC made any changes to the rules.