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Effective Date: 




Updated: 11/2018



Form 4117 is used by staff, as well as Home and Community-based Services (HCS) and Texas Home Living (TxHmL) Waiver program providers to document a service claim for the Supported Employment service component.



When to Complete

Form 4117 must be completed within a reasonable time frame after billable activities have been performed for an individual by a service provider.

Form Retention

The program provider must maintain a copy of the completed Form 4117 in the individual's record.

General Instructions

  • Form 4117 must be used for only one individual.
  • Form 4117, or another form created for a similarly intended purpose, is considered a Medicaid document used for Medicaid purposes. As such, by using this form, you understand it is your responsibility to record accurate information, as this information may be subject to a court of law. Failure to record accurate information and/or deliberate falsification of documentation is strictly prohibited.


Detailed Instructions

Individual Name — Enter the individual's name.

Local Case No./CARE ID — Enter the individual's local case number and Client Assignment and Registration (CARE) System ID.

Dates of Service — Enter the date (month, day, year) that the billable activity occurred.

Begin Time — Enter the time that the billable activity started.

End Time — Enter the time that the billable activity ended.

Total Time — Enter the total time of services provided.

Location — Enter the location code for the location where the service was delivered.

Employee Signature — The service provider(s) who provided the billable activity must sign the form.

Services provided code — Enter the corresponding code for the billable activity delivered.

Comments (Special Events/Occurrences) — Provide legible written documentation as needed or desired. If providing documentation, enter the date in which the billable activity occurred and the staff initials.

Billable Activities Codes and Location Code — Use codes to identify which billable activities were delivered and the location where service was delivered.


To inquire about Form 4117 or instructions, call the Billing & Payment Hotline at 512-438-5359.