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Effective Date: 




Updated: 3/2021



HHS staff use Form H1861 to keep record and track the destruction of Federal Tax Information (FTI).



When to Prepare

HHS staff record, track, and destroy paper documents that contain Internal Revenue Service (IRS) FTI data by completing the form.

If a non-Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) employee destroys FTI, an HHS employee must witness the destruction.


Detailed Instructions

Enter the Region, Division and Mail Code in the appropriate space at the top of the document.

Each time a document containing FTI is printed or destroyed, note the following in the appropriate space:

  • Date
  • Document Type
  • Application Type
  • Data Source
  • Case Number
  • Print Date
  • Reason for Request
  • Destruction Method
  • Destruction Date
  • Staff

Destroy documents containing FTI, in accordance with IRS guidelines, as specified in IRS publication 1075, Tax Information Security Guidelines for Federal, State, and Local Agencies. Those guidelines specify the precautions that must be taken. If a document is to be shredded, use cross cut shredders which produce particles that are 1 mm x 5 mm (0.04 in. x 0.2 in.) in size (or smaller).