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Effective Date: 




Updated: 4/2020



TANF, SNAP and Medical Programs

  • Provide households with instructions on completing and submitting the application or review form.
  • Notify households of their scheduled interview appointments.
  • Provide households with a list of items needed for the interview.
  • Inform households of both their rights and responsibilities and the responsibilities of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC).


  • Help households file timely applications for continued certification by providing:
    • the current certification period end date; and
    • the reason the certification period is ending.
  • Advise persons who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) that they:
    • may apply for recertification at a local eligibility determination office or at a Social Security office; and
    • are entitled to a home or phone interview if they are unable to designate an authorized representative.
  • Notify the household that the application has been screened for expedited services and that they need to contact HHSC as soon as possible for an interview.



When to Prepare

SNAP, TANF and Medical Programs

Staff prepare Form H1830 to send to households who apply for SNAP, TANF and Medicaid and current households whose current certification is expiring.

Note: Staff schedule a joint TANF/SNAP/Medicaid appointment when a household is applying for or renewing multiple programs.


Number of Copies

Prepare one original copy to be sent to the household.



The original copy is given in person or by mail.


Detailed Instructions

Enter the name, address, and case number of the household at the top of the form. Also enter the date and HHSC contact information.

  1. Check the first box to indicate that an application form is being given to the household.
  2. Check the second box when sending a review form for TANF, SNAP or one of the medical programs.
  3. Check the third box if the notice of expiration is given to a SNAP household and enter the dates. Example: A household’s certification expires the last day of October 2010. A notice is sent in mid-September. Enter "October 2010" in the first blank.  
  4. Check the fourth box to indicate the month SNAP benefits will expire and the date by which the application must be returned. Example: A household’s certification expires the last day of October 2010. A notice is sent in mid-September. Enter "November" in the first blank and "October 15, 2010" in the second blank.
  5. Check the fifth box when scheduling appointments for applications, reviews and renewals and enter the appointment details.
  6. Check the sixth box when the household may be eligible for expedited services.