LCDC License & Registration Renewal


To renew a license, a licensed chemical dependency counselor must:

A counselor intern cannot renew their registration. A counselor intern may apply for a subsequent registration if their initial registration expires. To apply for a subsequent counselor intern registration, submit a completed Form 3248, Chemical Dependency Counselor Intern Registration Application with the applicable fees. For more information about subsequent registrations, refer to the LCDC New License Registration webpage.

How to Renew Your License

To expedite the license renewal process, please submit your renewal application and fees online at least 45 days before the date your license expires. If you electronically renew your license and submit your fees online, you do not have to complete a paper application (Form 3235, LCDC License Renewal Application).

HHSC mails a courtesy renewal application at least 31 days before your license expires in accordance with Texas Occupations Code Section 504.202.

If you are unsure of your license expiration date, you did not receive a renewal notice, or you failed to renew as required, you may email our office.

If you misplace your renewal application, you can print a new Form 3235, LCDC License Renewal Application.

A late fee applies to all renewals postmarked after the license expiration date listed on the renewal notice. If you fail to renew within one year of expiration, you cannot renew your license.

Remember, if you do not keep your address information up to date with our office, your renewal notice might not reach you.

Additionally, you can renew your license online. After you submit the online application, please email the required supporting documents.

Late Renewal

Renewal fees are due on or before the expiration date. If you submit a late renewal application, you must pay a penalty fee in addition to the renewal application and licensure fees in accordance with Texas Occupations Code Section 504.203.

  • Late renewal penalty fee (up to 90 days after the license expiration date) — $62.50
  • Late renewal penalty fee (more than 90 days but less than one year after the license expiration date) — $125

Failure to Renew

If your license has been expired for one year or more, you cannot renew your license.

To obtain a new license, you must comply with the requirements and procedures for obtaining an initial license, including passing the written examination, with one exception. If you were licensed in Texas, moved to another state, and are currently licensed and have been in practice in the other state for the two years before the date you apply for a renewal, you can renew an expired license without reexamination. You must pay a fee equal to two times the required renewal fee.

Inactive Status

As an LCDC, you can request to have your license placed on inactive status by submitting a written request and paying the inactive fee before the license expires. HHSC cannot grant inactive status unless the license is current and in good standing, with no pending investigations or disciplinary actions.

If you are on inactive status, you cannot perform activities outlined in the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) dimensions, represent yourself as an LCDC, or act in the capacity of a Qualified Credentialed Counselor. While on inactive status, you remain subject to investigation and action during the period of inactive status.

Inactive status shall not exceed two years.

Inactive status fee — $50

Inactive status is not available for registered counselor interns.

Return to Active Status

To return to active status, you must submit all the following to HHSC:

  • A written request to reactivate the license
  • A completed Form 3235, License Renewal Application
  • The renewal application fee and the license renewal fee
  • Documentation of 20 hours of continuing education completed within the inactive status period

An inactive license will automatically expire at the end of the two-year inactive period.

Address Change

Read instructions for updating your address online.

Name Change

If you have changed your name, you may request a new license or registration certificate that reflects your new name by submitting the following to HHSC:

Duplicate License

You may request a duplicate license or registration certificate by submitting the following to HHSC: