LCDC Continuing Education

Requirements for Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor License Renewal

All continuing education hours must be specific to substance use disorders and their treatment or related to chemical dependency counseling as defined by the dimensions of knowledge, skills and attitudes competencies. Related education hours can include courses in psychology, sociology, counseling, mental health, behavioral science, psychiatric nursing, ethics and rehabilitation counseling.

Continuing education hours must include at least three hours of ethics training and a total of at least six hours of training in HIV, Hepatitis C and sexually transmitted diseases. If your job duties as an LCDC include clinical supervision, the required hours of continuing education must include three hours of clinical supervision training.

If you are an LCDC who teaches a qualifying continuing education course, you must receive the same number of hours as students attending the course. You may accrue only one set of hours for a single curriculum and HHSC may grant up to one half of the required amount of continuing education hours for qualifying courses you teach.

Specific Number of Continuing Education Hours Required for Each Two-Year Renewal Period

If you are an LCDC who holds a master's degree or other advanced degree, you must complete at least 24 hours of continuing education during each two-year licensure period. The 24 hours of education must include the specific courses required by 25 TAC §140.416(i).

If you are an LCDC who does not hold a master's degree or other advanced degree, you must complete at least 40 hours of continuing education as required by 25 TAC §140.416(j).

Please note you may not carry over any continuing education hours you submit over the required amount to the next renewal period.

Refer to the rule requirements for continuing education at 25 TAC §140.416 and §140.418 for more information.

Find a Continuing Education Provider

After HHSC review, HHSC may accept continuing education credits approved by:

If you are an LCDC who lives out of state, HHSC may also accept continuing education hours approved by other state and federal agencies.