Nursing Facility Administrators Advisory Committee (NFAAC) Agenda

December 2, 2022 - 9:30 am

Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), John H. Winters Building, Public Hearing Room 125, First Floor
701 West 51st Street, Austin, Texas
United States

This meeting will be webcast. Members of the public may attend the meeting in person at the address above or access a live stream of the meeting at Select the tab for the Winters Live on the date and time for this meeting. Please e-mail if you have any problems with the webcasting function.

This meeting will also be conducted via videoconference call in accordance with the requirements of Section 551.127, Government Code. The member of the Committee presiding over the meeting will be physically present at the location specified above.

  1. Welcome, introductions, and roll call
  2. Consideration of September 9, 2021, draft meeting minutes
  3. Review nursing facility administrator cases referred:
    1. Unsubstantiated Referrals:
      1. 2022-NFA-R-003858
      2. 2022-NFA-R-003875
      3. 2022-NFA-R-003877
      4. 2022-NFA-R-003878
      5. 2022-NFA-R-003882
      6. 2022-NFA-R-003883
      7. 2022-NFA-R-003884
      8. 2022-NFA-R-003886
      9. 2022-NFA-R-003887
      10. 2022-NFA-R-003889
      11. 2022-NFA-R-003890
      12. 2022-NFA-R-003894
      13. 2022-NFA-R-003898
      14. 2022-NFA-R-003915
      15. 2022-NFA-R-003920
      16. 2022-NFA-R-003921
      17. 2022-NFA-R-003932
      18. 2022-NFA-R-003934
      19. 2022-NFA-R-003935
      20. 2022-NFA-S-003943
      21. 2022-NFA-C-003955
    2. Substantiated Referrals:
      1. 2022-NFA-R-003838
      2. 2022-NFA-R-003842
      3. 2022-NFA-R-003847
      4. 2022-NFA-R-003853
      5. 2022-NFA-R-003873
      6. 2022-NFA-R-003878
      7. 2022-NFA-R-003885
      8. 2022-NFA-R-003888
      9. 2022-NFA-R-003891
      10. 2022-NFA-R-003893
      11. 2022-NFA-R-003895
      12. 2022-NFA-R-003906
      13. 2022-NFA-R-003907
      14. 2022-NFA-R-003908
      15. 2022-NFA-R-003913
      16. 2022-NFA-R-003918
      17. 2022-NFA-R-003928
      18. 2022-NFA-R-003933
      19. 2022-NFA-R-003948
      20. 2022-NFA-R-003959
      21. 2023-NFA-R-003963
  4. Consideration of Officer Election Procedure and Election of officers
  5. Selection of meeting dates for new calendar year 2023
  6. Future committee meetings and agenda topics
  7. Adjourn

Contact: Questions regarding agenda items, content, or meeting arrangements should be directed to Janie Pulido, Enforcement Assistant, Regulatory Services, HHSC, 512-902-8598,

This meeting is open to the public. No reservations are required, and there is no cost to attend this meeting.

People with disabilities who wish to attend the meeting and require assistive technology or services should contact Pulido at 512-902-8598 or at least 72 hours before the meeting so appropriate arrangements can be made.