Mental Health Resources

Jail Diversion Services

When someone is involved or at risk for involvement in the criminal justice system, or court ordered for treatment, jail diversion and competency restoration programs can help them get the services they need to stay in the community and take care of their health.

Community Hospital Services

Who is eligible for Community Hospital services?

This service is available to Texas residents of any age. Admission is at the recommendation of a local mental health authority or local behavioral health authority and is based on a crisis assessment. The assessment must indicate the person:

Texas Veterans + Family Alliance Program Internship Application

TV+FA seeks interns to join our team. 

Internship Overview

The TV+FA Internship Program offers local students the opportunity to contribute to TV+FA’s mission to help improve the quality of life of Texas veterans and their families by supporting communities across the state to expand the availability and delivery of mental health treatment and services. We value our interns and commit to providing a comprehensive learning experience that aligns with individual interests and career goals. 

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