What Types of Programs and Services Can Be Offered by Residential (24-hour) Child Care Operations?

Child Care Services

Child care services are services that meet a child’s basic need for shelter, nutrition, clothing, nurture, socialization and interpersonal skills, care for personal health and hygiene, supervision, education and service planning. All residential child care operations provide child care services. Some operations provide child care services only.

Treatment Services

Treatment services are designed to treat and support children with emotional disorders, intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders or primary medical needs.

Characteristics of Children with Primary Medical Needs

Children with primary medical needs cannot live without mechanical supports or the services of others because of life-threatening conditions, including the inability to maintain an open airway without assistance, the necessity of a feeding tube, or multiple physical or sensory impairments. 

Residential Treatment Center

A residential treatment center is a general residential operation that exclusively provides treatment services for children with emotional disorders.

Emergency Care Services

Emergency care services are short-term services to children who, at the time of admission, are in an emergency constituting an immediate danger to the physical health or safety of the child or the child’s offspring.

Therapeutic Camp Services

Therapeutic camp services are camping programs to enhance an operation’s treatment services with an experiential curriculum exclusively for a child 13 or older with an emotional disorder.

Transitional Living Program

A transitional living program is a program that teaches basic life skills for children 14 and older. The goal is to prepare the child for living independently.

Assessment Services

A program providing assessment services evaluates children to determine appropriate placement and obtain additional information to help with service planning.

Foster Care Services

Foster care services are provided by Child-Placing Agency homes that are verified to provide foster care in family home settings for six or fewer children (In some instances a home can provide care for up to eight children) age 17 and younger.

Adoption Services

Adoption services are provided by Child-Placing Agency homes that have been evaluated and approved to accept adoptive placements.

Respite Care Services

Respite care is a service providing planned 24-hour relief to a child’s biological or foster parent for more than 72 hours.