Types of Programs That Can Be Offered by Child Care Operations

What is a child with special care needs?

A child with special care needs is a child who has a chronic physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional condition who requires assistance beyond that required by most children of the same age.

What does it mean if an operation is accredited?

An accredited operation is when the operation elects to follow higher standards established by an accrediting organization. These standards are higher than the required minimum standards established by Child Care Licensing.

Child Care Licensing does not approve or regulate accrediting organizations for child care operations, and it does not track accreditation for all regulated child care operations.

What does it mean when an operation “accepts child care subsidies?”

Many child care operations accept subsidies from the Texas Workforce Commission, which pays for all or part of a child's care based on eligibility guidelines. More information on subsidized child care is available from the Texas Workforce Commission.

What is an alternative care program (also known as drop-in care)?

“Drop-in care” is when an operation accepts a child into care on an as-needed basis, though a child cannot be in care for more than five consecutive days or more than 15 days in a month.

What is skill classes?

Skill classes is when an operation teaches a skill, talent, ability, expertise or proficiency.

What is part-time care?

Part-time care is when an operation allows the enrollment of a child for part of a day or week.

What is weekend care?

Weekend care is when an operation provides care to a child on Saturday or Sunday, or both.

What is night care?

Night care (or nighttime care) is when an operation provides care to a child between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Night care does not include the occasional sleepover.   

What is get well care?

Get well care is when a Licensed Child Care Center provides care for children who are ill.