Permit and Issuance

What are the different types of permits?

Child Care Regulation (CCR) issues four types of permits:

  • License (or certification if operated by a state agency) 
  • Registration
  • Listing 
  • Compliance certificate

What type of permit does each operation type receive?

CCR issues a license to a general residential operation, child-placing agency, child care center, licensed child care home, before or after-school program, and school-age program.

CCR issues a registration to a registered child care home.

CCR issues a listing to a listed family home.

CCR issues a compliance certificate to a small employer-based child care operation and temporary shelter care operation.

What does issuance mean?

A permit issued by CCR makes an operation eligible to care for children.

What is an initial permit?

An initial permit is a time-limited permit that CCR issues to an applicant for a license. An initial permit lasts six months and provides the operation an opportunity to establish compliance with minimum standards, administrative rules and statutes before CCR issues a full permit.

After the initial period, CCR may renew the initial permit for one additional six-month period for an operation needing more time to establish compliance.

What is a full permit?

CCR issues a full permit to an applicant for a license when the operation meets compliance with minimum standards, administrative rules and statutes. A full permit remains in effect as long as the operation renews the license every two years and HHSC doesn’t take any adverse action against the operation.

What happens before CCR issues a permit?

Before CCR issues a permit, the applicant and CCR complete certain tasks as listed below:

  • The applicant:
    • completes the pre-application interview (except for a listed family home or compliance certificate applicant); and
    • submits the completed application materials which include but are not limited to background checks and proof of liability insurance.
  • CCR:
    • reviews the application materials for compliance with minimum standards, rules and statutes;
    • accepts or returns the application to the applicant; and
    • inspects the operation to determine whether the operation is in compliance with minimum standards, rules and statutes (except for listed family homes and small employer-based child care operations).

What does a condition on permit mean?

A condition on a permit is a special requirement CCR imposes on a permit to allow or prohibit an action or service by an operation. CCR may impose a condition if circumstances warrant it. For example, CCR may restrict an operation from providing care to children ages 6 and younger above a first-floor level, or the permit holder’s spouse must not transport children.