Mental Health Skills Training Services for Children

These services for children and their primary caregivers help improve a child’s ability to live, deal with feelings, cope with problems and work well with others. The training includes information about how to deal with life challenges.

What Are the Benefits of Skills Training?

  • Primary caregivers learn to help their children live better and work well with others.
  • Primary caregivers get a better understanding of how to help their children.
  • Children learn better ways to solve problems and interact with others.
  • Children learn to manage emotions, stress and anger and to be more independent.

Who Is Eligible for Skills Training?

A mental health professional determines that the child and caregiver would benefit from skills training. You can get skills training if you are

  • A child with a mental health diagnosis.
  • A child’s caregiver who lives in Texas.
  • A caregiver who meets the financial requirements for mental health services.

How Do I Get Skills Training for My Child?