Mental Health Counseling Services for Children

Children’s mental health counseling services help a child improve skills, behaviors, manage emotions and learn to deal with life or personal problems. Counseling is provided by a licensed counselor or therapist. Service include support to identify and achieve goals. Counseling can be provided in an individual, family or group setting. Counseling services will use conversations, activities or games to work on personal, family and situational problems.

What Are the Benefits of Children’s Mental Health Counseling Services?

Counseling can improve individual and family communication, relationships or the ability to overcome problems. It can also address depression or anxiety and the effects of painful life experiences.

Who Is Eligible for Children’s Mental Health Counseling Services?

  • Children with a mental illness.
  • Children who are Texas residents.
  • Children whose caregivers meet financial requirements for mental health services.
  • Children who would benefit from counseling services as determined by a mental health professional.

How Do I Get Children’s Mental Health Counseling Services?