Children’s Mental Health Transition-Age Youth Services

Transitioning age youth are ages 16 to 20. Young adults have extraordinary needs and are often faced with challenges and changes that they are unprepared for, such as making decisions about personal relationships, employment, health care, housing, education, finances and other parts of their lives.

What Are the Benefits of Transition-Age Youth Services?

These services:

  • Provide resources and strategies to help youth transition into the adult world.
  • Help youth and caregivers identify and engage in conversations about transitions early.
  • Can include support for employment, education, counseling and skills to promote independent living in the community.
  • Take into account personal preferences and needs.

Who Is Eligible for Transition-Age Youth Services?

Eligibility for Transition Age Youth services is based on several factors. Participants must:

  • Be ages 16 to 20.
  • Meet requirements of an assessment conducted by a mental health professional.
  • Contact your local mental health authority or local behavioral health authority for more information.

How Do I Get Transition-Age Youth Services?