Adult Substance Use Withdrawal Management Services

Withdrawal Management Services (formerly known as "detoxification" or "detox" services) are medical services that help people safely stop  substance use. Withdrawal management often includes the use of medication to treat withdrawal symptoms.

There are two types of adult substance use withdrawal management services:

  • Ambulatory withdrawal management, where you travel to a licensed site daily to get treatment; and
  • Residential withdrawal management services, where you stay at a licensed site that has 24-hour monitoring.

What Are the Benefits of Withdrawal Management Services?

  • Staff medically monitor and support you to safely complete the withdrawal process
  • Trained staff prepare you to make informed choices about the next steps in your recovery.

Who is Eligible for Withdrawal Management Services?

  • Texas residents 18 years of age and older;
  • Persons diagnosed with a substance use disorder; and
  • Eligibility for state financial support based on income, expenses, and other resources. In some cases, a person may be required to pay a portion of the services cost.

How Do I Get Withdrawal Management Services?

There are several ways to find substance use withdrawal management services. Contact the substance use treatment program directly, your local Outreach, Screening, Assessment, Referral (OSAR) Service, or your Local Mental or Behavioral Health Authority.