Adult Substance Use Prevention

Substance use means taking any substance, regardless of whether it is a legally prescribed medication or an illegal drug. Not all substance use may cause harm. Using illegal drugs and using legal substances, such as alcohol or prescription medications, in excess or in ways they are not intended may cause harm. Examples of harmful use are:

  • Underage drinking
  • Tobacco use
  • Cannabis use
  • Taking medication in a way that is not prescribed, such as taking too much medication
  • Binge drinking

Substance use prevention uses science-based resources to reduce the likelihood of substance use through education, skills for healthy behavior and positive family bonding. Families learn skills like setting goals, making good decisions and staying resilient that help them gain confidence and make healthy choices.
Substance use prevention program services are available through:

  • Prevention Resource Centers
  • Community Coalition Partnerships
  • Youth Prevention Programs
    • Universal
    • Selective
    • Indicated
  • Statewide Prevention Media Campaign
  • Texas Prevention Training

What Are the Benefits of Substance Use Prevention?

Substance use prevention programs prevent harmful drug use and other problem behaviors by:

  • Increasing protective factors, which decrease the chance of substance use
  • Decreasing risk factors, which increase of the chance of substance use
  • Promoting physical and behavioral wellness
  • Strengthening family bonds
  • Encouraging positive behavior
  • Increasing positive community engagement

Who Is Eligible for Substance Use Prevention Services?

There are no eligibility requirements for people to participate in prevention programs.

How Do I Get Substance Use Prevention Services?

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