Adult Substance Use Detoxification Services

Detoxification is a medical service that helps people withdraw from addictive substances in a medically safe and effective manner. Detoxification services include counseling, education, case management and referrals to treatment and other community services.

There are two types of detoxification:

  • Ambulatory, where you travel to a licensed site daily to get medication
  • Residential, where you stay at a licensed site that has 24-hour monitoring

What Are the Benefits of Detoxification?

  • Medical personnel support you safely and comfortably
  • Trained staff prepare you to make informed choices to help recovery

Who Is Eligible For Detoxification Services?

Texas residents 18 and older who are physically dependent or withdrawing from alcohol or other drugs. Your financial eligibility is based on your income and expenses, and you may need to pay for some services.

How Do I Get Detoxification Services?

Call your local outreach, screening, assessment and referral center, local mental health authority or local behavioral health authority.