Adult Substance Misuse Prevention

Substance use means taking any substance, regardless of whether it is a legally prescribed medication or an illegal drug. Not all substance use may cause harm. Using illegal drugs and misusing legal substances such as alcohol or prescription medications may cause harm. Examples of misuse are:

  • Underage drinking or tobacco use
  • Taking medication in a way that is not prescribed, such as taking too much medication
  • Binge drinking

Substance misuse prevention uses science-based resources to reduce the likelihood of substance use through education, skills for healthy behavior and positive family bonding. Youth learn skills like setting goals, making good decisions and staying resilient that help them gain confidence and make healthy choices.

Substance misuse prevention program services are available through:

  • Prevention resource centers
  • Community coalition programs
  • Youth prevention programs
    • Universal
    • Selective
    • Indicated
  • Strategic Prevention Framework – Partnership for Success
  • Strategic Prevention Framework – Prescription

What Are the Benefits of Substance Misuse Prevention?

Substance misuse prevention programs prevent drug misuse and other problem behaviors by the following:

  • Increases protective factors (decrease the chance of substance misuse)
  • Decrease risk factors (increase of the chance of substance misuse)
  • Create a positive, healthy drug-free life
  • Strengthen family bonding
  • Encourage positive behavior in a school setting

Who Is Eligible for Substance Misuse Prevention Services?

Youth and caregivers in specific counties can participate in prevention programs. See if your county has a program you can join.

How Do I Get Substance Misuse Prevention Services?

Click here to view the map of Texas counties with services available