Adult Mental Health Medication Management

When people feel sick they often go to a doctor. Likewise, people who have a mental illness should also see a doctor — most likely a psychiatrist. In many cases, doctors prescribe medications as part of the approach to recovery. Tracking and organizing these prescriptions is often referred to as medication management. Medication management determines the need for medication and whether the medication is working as it should. Along with other services available from state-funded providers in the community, medication management helps promote recovery and a more normal life.

What Are the Benefits of Medication Management Services?

People with mental illness want to feel like everyone else. Medication management helps them do that by reducing the effect of their symptoms. When people are overwhelmed by their symptoms, feeling like themselves again may seem impossible. Medication, when managed well, reduces symptoms and allows people to focus on recovery. Medication can make the difference in whether a person can keep friends and family close, keep a job, or stay out of trouble.

Who Is Eligible to Receive Mental Health Medication Management?

People 18 and older with mental illness are eligible to have medication management as part of their recovery plan.

How Do I Get Mental Health Medication Management Services?