Adult Mental Health Case Management

Mental health case management is when case managers help coordinate needed services for a person with a mental illness and monitor those services. Case managers also advocate for the person and provide support for the person’s family and friends.

What Are the Benefits of Mental Health Case Management?

It can be difficult for people with mental illness to keep track of the many appointments, resources and other information required to live an independent life. Mental health case management can help them manage these tasks so they can focus on recovery. Keeping track of doctor’s appointments, job interviews, bills and other everyday items can be a lot simpler with the help of a mental health professional. As new needs are identified, the mental health professional will help find resources to meet those needs. Case management often leads to positive changes in people’s lives.

Who Is Eligible for Mental Health Case Management?

People 18 and older who have a mental illness are eligible for mental health case management as part of their recovery plan.

How Do I Get Mental Health Case Management?