Adult Mental Health Assertive Community Treatment

People with chronic or serious health issues often need a team of people to help them get better. It’s the same with mental illness. Assertive Community Treatment puts together a team of mental health professionals to provide help to people who need care at home or a facility. These teams consist of specialists who can work with people in every area of their life to support their recovery.

What Are the Benefits of Assertive Community Treatment Services?

Assertive Community Treatment services help people live the life they want by finding jobs or homes, learning about their medications and talking to their doctors to get what they need. ACT also shows people how to connect to other local services to help them meet their needs. ACT can help people develop fun and useful activities, stronger relationships with family and friends, and increased independence.

Who Is Eligible for Assertive Community Treatment Services?

People 18 and older who have been diagnosed with mental illness and have also been admitted to a psychiatric hospital multiple times are eligible for ACT services.

How Do I Get Assertive Community Treatment Services?