Reference Guide

The Texas Medicaid and CHIP Reference Guide, often referred to as the "Pink Book", provides an overview of the Texas Medicaid and CHIP programs. This 13th edition includes the following sections targeted at answering central questions about Texas Medicaid/CHIP:

  • Quick facts about Medicaid and CHIP.
  • Chapter 1: Who can get Medicaid or CHIP and how can they get it?
  • Chapter 2: What Medicaid and CHIP services are available to Texans?
  • Chapter 3: How does HHSC make sure clients get good care?
  • Chapter 4: What are the financial features of Medicaid and CHIP?
  • Chapter 5: What is the governing framework for Medicaid and CHIP?

13th Edition, December 2020

12th Edition, December 2018


Email with questions or to request an accessible version of the 13th edition.