County Indigent Health Care Program

The County Indigent Health Care Program helps low-income Texas residents who don’t qualify for other state or federal health care programs have access to health care services.

Benefits are limited to participating administrators who provide primary, preventative and some specialty services. These include:

  • Vaccines
  • Medical screening services
  • Annual physical examinations
  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital visits
  • Laboratory and radiology
  • Skilled nursing facility services

Who Is Eligible for Services?

The program is available to anyone who:

  • Lives in Texas.
  • Has an income level at or below 21 percent of federal poverty guidelines.
  • Has resources less than $2,000.
  • Isn’t eligible for Medicaid.

How Do I Apply for Services?

You can locate the office of the local administrator that serves your county through You may contact the local office to speak with staff who will determine your eligibility according to program guidelines. You may need to show proof of income and other eligibility verifications during the application process.

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