Find a Drug Store

You can use our search tools to find a drug store that takes Medicaid or CHIP.

Remember: Try to use one drug store at the same location to get all of your prescriptions.

Does your child or youth need vitamins or minerals? Medicaid will cover the costs if you have a written doctor’s order (a prescription). You now can go to any Medicaid drug store to get them.

Do you know how often you can refill your drugs? Some drugs must be used by 90 percent before you can get a refill [List of drugs that must be used by 90 percent before refilling]. For all other drugs, you must use 75 percent before refilling. If it looks like you will run out of your drugs sooner, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. If you have questions, call 1-800-335-8957. When you call, pick a language and then press 6.