Texas Simplified Application Project (TSAP) for SNAP Food Benefits

The Texas Simplified Application Project (TSAP) provides Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) food benefits to Texas households where all household members are either older adults (age 60 and older) or people with disabilities. Benefit amounts are based on income and household size.

How is TSAP different from regular SNAP food benefits?

  • The TSAP application is shorter, and recipients are certified for three years rather than six months.
  • If a person is eligible, they don’t have to do an interview when it’s time to renew.

Who is eligible for TSAP?

To be eligible for TSAP, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • All the members of your household (the people who live with you and purchase and prepare food) are age 60 or older, receive disability payments no matter their age, or are a combination of both.
  • The members of your household have no earned income, which is income received from working.
  • No member of your household receives benefits under the SNAP-Combined Application Project (SNAP-CAP).

Already receiving SNAP benefits?

  • When you renew your benefits, HHS will automatically determine if you’re eligible for TSAP.

How can I apply for TSAP?

Choose one of the following ways to apply for TSAP:

Documents needed when applying include:

  • Copies of recent medical bills or pharmacy statements to verify medical expenses.
  • Award letters or similar statements that verify any pension, retirement or disability income.
  • Current bank statements.