Person-Centered Planning

Services for You, Guided by You

People who are in a Medicaid waiver program have the right to decide how their services are provided. We call this person-centered planning because it revolves around you — the person accessing services.

Person-centered planning identifies and focuses on your talents, what you are good at, and your skills. The planning meeting lets you talk about and decide where in your community you can share your skills and where your skills will be valued. For example, your love of and compassion for animals might become a job as a dog walker or working in a veterinarian’s office.

Person-centered planning also helps you figure out and describe what you need from your waiver service provider. The goal is to improve your quality of life by making sure you live, work and participate in the setting of your choice.

Organizations that provide Medicaid waiver services are required by law to provide a person-centered plan that is guided by person-centered planning practices. HHS continues to evolve our service delivery models to balance the wants and needs of people accessing our services.

The person-centered planning process:

  • Identifies existing supports and services necessary to achieve the individual's desired outcomes.
  • Identifies natural supports available to the individual and negotiates needed service system supports.
  • Occurs with the support of a group of people chosen by the individual (or the legally authorized representative (LAR) on the individual's behalf).
  • Accommodates the individual's style of interaction and preferences regarding time and setting.