Employment Recruitment Coordinator Project


Texas HHS is committed to providing opportunities for people with disabilities to enter the workforce. For this to happen, employers need to know the benefits of hiring those workers.

The Employment Recruitment Coordinator Project supports HHS employment first principles by reaching out to employers across the state to show them how hiring people with disabilities is a good business decision. The goal of this field-based approach is to increase meaningful employment opportunities in the community.

Our focus is to share with employers the positive results for their businesses when they hire people with disabilities in the form of productivity, commitment, reliability, etc. While the project does not focus on specific cases, we work closely with our partners at the Texas Workforce Commission – Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation arena on common goals. The project is a link between employers and service providers to make the connections between the employers and the talent pool who have set employment as a goal.

For more information or to request a meeting with a project member, email Employment Recruitment Coordinator Project.