Disability Inclusive Community Toolkit

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) offers services to assist people with disabilities by providing opportunities that enhance their independence and community involvement.

The Disability Inclusive Community toolkit assists people and communities to integrate people with disabilities into community life, including those who may not be employed due to physical or cognitive impairment. The focus of the toolkit is to assess how they spend their day, how they would like to spend their day, and community efforts to include them.

Being a part of the community means being involved in the day-to-day happenings of the community, such as finding employment, attending religious activities, participating in community organizations and events, and volunteering.

The opportunity to become a participating community member provides the chance to interact with and become an active contributor to their community. This not only reduces social isolation, but also educates people with disabilities and other community members on the unique qualities and skills each has to offer.

The toolkit provides an outline for partnership, assessment, consensus, progress, and next steps, allowing community members to identify any issues and create a comprehensive plan to become a more inclusive community.

The process for using the toolkit will be unique to each community. The collaboration of community leaders, including civic groups and organizations, is essential to the success of this initiative.

Disability Inclusive Communities Toolkit (PDF)

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