Collaboration with Texas Workforce Solutions-Vocational Rehabilitation Services

The Texas Workforce Commission’s Rehabilitation and Blind Division’s Texas Workforce Solutions - Vocational Rehabilitation Services is the state's designated vocational rehabilitation agency, providing short-term employment services to eligible people that result in an individualized, competitive job.

HHSC is the designated long-term services and supports agency. HHSC provides:

  • non-employment supports to individuals, whether or not they are receiving TWS-VRS services;
  • short-term employment services to people who are found ineligible for TWS-VRS services; and
  • long-term employment supports for individuals once TWS-VRS services or HHSC short-term employment services have been completed.

Their common goal is to assist people in obtaining and maintaining integrated, competitive employment.

The TWS-VRS and HHS Waiver Sequencing of Services chart is a flow chart with a detailed text accompaniment. The chart shows, and the text explains, how Medicaid waiver services and TWS-VRS services work together and in what order.

TWS-VRS and HHS Waiver Sequencing of Services (PDF)

Effective September 2015, HHSC and TWS-VRS signed a Memorandum of Agreement which outlines coordination policies and practices, service definitions, and a data sharing agreement between the two agencies.